Python is one of the most versatile programming languages in the world, and the Play with Python event, organized and sponsored by NoKidBehind in partnership with the Python Software Foundation and hosted by Mountain hub, which took place on June 20th, 2023 was a brilliant platform for Python enthusiasts to explore and learn.

The event was a one – day extravaganza that offered participants an opportunity to delve into Python programming concepts, network with like-minded individuals and gain insights from industry experts. The event was a massive success, with participants commending the focus on community-building and the wealth of knowledge available to attendees.

The training sessions were hands-on, interactive and informative led by experienced Python programmers and experts in various aspects of programming. The first training session delivered by python Enthusiast and data Scientist, Tambe Tabitha Achere and was designed to provide an overview of Python’s fundamentals and syntax. It covered the basics of data types, functions, conditionals, and loops, coupled with examples of how to interact with Python’s built-in modules.

The second training session focussed on Python’s applications in web development, using Django, a popular web development framework. The session included a combination of theory and practical applications, allowing participants to gain valuable insights into creating web applications and better understand how Django works. This session was handled by Ebong Makoge.

Wanji Collins, a senior developer handled the third training session which was designed to help participants contribute to open-source projects using Python programming. The session introduced the use of Git and GitHub version control software and how to make contributions to open-source projects using Python.

Beyond the programming concepts, the event placed high importance on creating a vibrant and welcoming community, to support and encourage participants to connect with one another, develop meaningful bonds, and foster teamwork.

The sponsorship by NoKidBehind further highlighted the social impact of the event. NoKidBehind’s efforts to empower children with programming skills and access to technology were lauded by participants, confirming that the future of programming lies in giving back to the community.

In conclusion, the Play with Python event was a resounding success attracting and bringing together over 100 python enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds